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Direct Hire: Head of Kindy Class Feb 2023 Start
« on: November 24, 2022, 02:03:29 pm »
We'd believe children need to have balanced education in life, so we strongly encourage men to apply.
We also want to help our students to have a global mindset. We welcome Gyopos on F visas.

Who or what is MLC?
We are an American-style preschool kindergarten implementing immersion and a hands-on approach to teaching students to think for themselves.

Who are we teaching and how?
We teach preschool through kindergarten aged children for most of the day. Children learn English as we complete various activities that develop their reading and writing using child friendly workbooks and library books that you probably remember from your own childhood.

For a few hours each afternoon, we teach elementary school aged children subjects such as social studies and science in English. Unlike most hagwons, our program provides opportunities for all children to grow and learn through art, music, dramatic play and creative movement.

What can I expect in the compensation package?
We offer standard benefits of all teaching jobs in S. Korea. We’ll provide studio housing, paid vacation in addition to national holidays, national health insurance, flight reimbursement, paid sick days, lunch and a contract completion bonus.

Experienced teachers can expect salaries starting from 2.5M won depending on the quality of their experience matching our school methodology.

What type of background is MLC looking for?
  • Degrees in science, technology, engineering, art or mathematics.
    Hobbies involving dance, reading, nature, sports, music
    Someone that enjoys working in teams but also alone, is knowledgeable about child development and strives to improve their teaching skills.

Where in South Korea are we?
We are located in the heart of Korea between Daejeon and Cheonan. Explore our various campgrounds, mountains and waterways in your free time. We have both the KTX and SRT bullet trains along with an extensive long-distance bus terminal that connects us to most cities within an hour or two.

Please send a resume and cover letter to start the application process.