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Public School Exit Allowance and Unemployment Benefits.
« on: November 16, 2022, 01:53:48 pm »
F6 Visa

I currently work in a public school. I'm planning to leave my school after my contract ends. In my contract, it has an exit allowance of 1.3 million KRW. I want to get the exit allowance by going back to the US, but I want to come back to Korea shortly afterwards. I'm planning to stay in the US for a couple of days. After I come back to Korea, I want to use my unemployment benefits until I find a new career. I believe I have 5-6 months of unemployment.

Is it possible to get the exit allowance and go back to Korea and get unemployment?

My current visa is F6.

Here is what it says in my contract:

"If the Employee successfully completes his/her duties set forth in this contract for the full Term of Employment specified herein and leaves Korea within ten (10) days from the contract completion date, the Employee shall be entitled to an Exit Allowance of 1,300,000 KRW within one month (30 days) upon providing the necessary documents to prove his/her departure from the Republic of Korea. To qualify for the Exit Allowance, the Employee must provide a one-way flight ticket to his/her home country or itinerary and ticket receipt accompanied by a boarding pass(es) or a passport stamp(s).

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Re: Public School Exit Allowance and Unemployment Benefits.
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I'm uncertain about the unemployment bit, but if you leave the country, then youre 100% due the exit allowance. It shouldnt matter that you're coming back shortly after.
Just make sure that you have good documentation of your ticket and ticket costs!

Also, I would try to make sure that the exit flight is a one way ticket. It's possible that a return-flight ticket will raise some eyebrows.

I've heard of people buying one way tickets, getting all the documentation, then cancelling them after getting their exit allowances. Shady shady stuff. Tsk tsk.