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Teaching position in Seosan
« on: September 20, 2022, 01:23:13 pm »
***Please apply via sending resume(doc)+photo on the id provided in the end***
Academy in Seosan, Chungnam Province ( 2 openings, a couple can apply )
Starting Date: November, December
Location : Seosan city, 1hour 40mins from Seoul
Working Hour : 1pm -9:30pm
Teaching Age Group : Elementary+Middle school students
Salary :2.2 -  2.7 mil won
City Info:
Standard benefits:  free housing, bonus, 10 days paid vacation, 1/2 medical

Steve Johns (Jay)
Kakao ID:  thanksai
Skype ID:  telljay
Mobile: 010 7229 0579
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Re: Teaching position in Seosan
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2022, 04:49:34 am »
Granted the awful exchange rate combined with Korea's every-increasing prices are the not fault of recruiters. 

However, no flight, less than the legal amount of vacation days,....seriously, one may as well got to Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand. 

After legal taxes and honest deductions, the minimum pay is just a bit over $1400 a month,  (for a work-weekof at least 40 hours and no telling how many actual classes). 

After legal taxes and honest deductions (hopefully, with no deflective ping-pong hogwan games) for the max salary , is just below $1750 a month.   Does anyone really believe that some no-name hogwan in Seosan, or anywhere in Korea, is going to actively seek out someone with some experience and credentials in order to pay the max (well...V.I. might get)? 

Each are not inclusive of housing bills and those maintenance fess (along with those illegal security deposits) that come along with the package. 

Buyer beware.

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