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Teaching position in South korea -asap to September
« on: July 21, 2022, 07:57:00 pm »
***Please apply via sending resume(doc)+photo on the id provided in the end***

Well-organized Academy Opening in Jecheon City
Location: Jecheon City (middle of Korea)
Starting Date: November
Working Hours: 1:30pm - 9:30pm
Students: Elementary to Middle Schools
Salary: 1.9- 2.1 mil won
Benefits: Oneway airfare, Free housing,  paid national korean holidays, 8 days paid vacation,1/2 medical
City Info:

Academy Position in Gwang-Ju, Geyong Gi Do
Starting Date: September 1st
Location: 20-30 mins only form Gangnam, Seoul, near bundang
working hour : 9:00am -6:00 pm
Salary: 2.1-  2.4 mil won
Teaching age group: Kinder + elementary
City Info:
Standard benefits:  Oneway flight, free housing, bonus, 10 days paid vacation, 1/2 medical

Academy in Yangsan City  ( near busan )
Location: 증산역
Start date:  August 11th
Working hour:  1:30 -8:30
Teaching Hour: 2:30-8:30 / finish at 7:30pm for 2 days 
Salary: 2.2 -2.3 mil won
Students:  elementary + Middle
Standard benefits: free housing or housing allowance 300,000won, bonus, 10 days paid vacation, 1/2 medical

Mokdong Academy inside Seoul, line 5 (September, October )
Location: Near Mokdong station
Starting Date: training from middle September / starting from October
Teaching Age Group: Kinder + Elementary
Working Hours: 1pm -9:30pm 
Salary: 2.4  - 2.6   mil won
Standard benefits: Free airfare, free housing, bonus, 10 days paid vacation, 1/2 medical insurance

ACADEMY POSITION in Guro Area. Seoul  (상담가능한 교포나 유학생도가능)
Location: line 1, 3 stops from shindorim station & 3 stops from anyang station
Start date:  early October
Housing: near subway station
Working Hours:  1:00pm - 8:30pm
Salary: 2.3 to  2.5  M Won
Type of students:   Elementary + Middle school  students
Benefits: Standard (housing or housing allowance 400,000won, medical 1/2, severance, 10 days paid vacation, one way airfare for overseas candidates )

Steve Johns (Jay)
Kakao ID:  thanksai
Skype ID:  telljay
Mobile: 010 7229 0579
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