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    • July 18, 2022, 08:11:02 pm
    • South Korea
Part-time job opening for anyone looking in/near Yongin.

The job itself is located in Suji District and is very accessible via buses or the Sin Bundang (red) line. The academy’s name is Monash English/모나쉬어학원. 


Looking for a native English speaking teacher to teach part time 2:30-7:25 M/W/F. Pay is ₩30,000 per hour.

The classes are ‘speaking’, ‘listening’, ‘reading’, and ‘writing’ for elementary school children aged 8-13 at varying levels of English comprehension. You don’t need to come in/do prep outside of class, and are not expected to do work outside of teaching hours.

The only downside is that because it is part time there aren’t benefits per say, but they are really understanding. If you have vacation planned, for example, just let them know in advance and they will work with you to figure it out.   

School’s preferences:

With regards to visas, an F visa is ideal, but E-2 may be possible. In the case of an E-2 visa, the school would rather help someone switching jobs and renewing an E-2.

The hagwon is run by two sisters. A lot of the students have been going there for several years and there is definitely a sense of community. There is one other foreign teacher who is full-time (male), and Korean teachers (all women except for one) who are both full-time and part-time. Overall, it is a great working environment (no yelling, no patronizing) and everyone is genuinely kind and helpful.

If interested, please contact me at and send a resume.