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Demon Slayer Bomb Game (BIG FILE, MEDIA HEAVY)
« on: July 08, 2022, 04:58:26 pm »
Approx. size: ~1 GB


FONT: (install these before opening or else the game won't look as intended)

This game is not for young kids. I made this specifically for middle and high school students, and while I did my best to avoid the more gory scenes from this series, blood and violence are an inevitable inclusion. Please keep this in mind when choosing to play this game, consult with your coteachers before using it, and use your best judgment.

Notes on Gameplay:
This is an incredibly media heavy game, so it will not play well on all computers. There are lots of vids, most of which the game can function without, but there are several reward pages that do require them (specifically the "Choose Your Fate" slides). So you'll need to change those slides completely if you want to remove those vids.

I made this game with dice in mind. Students can end up winning the option of rolling for points on some reward pages. I give teams who manage to get this option 4 dice to roll, but you can give more or less, up to you... or you can just remove those options altogether and replace them with +10-15 points (what I had them set as originally, but I thought it would be more fun with dice); however, I also included this option in the "Choose Your Fate" vids, so just tell students that it's however many points you think it should be worth. The "Choose Your Fate" vid also includes a "FIGHT" option. I have students RPS with each other if this comes up, but you can do what you want with this.

The movie files in this game are mp4, so you'll need to install Quicktime on your computer in order to play them properly. It's a free program and won't interfere with anything on your computer, it's just required by Powerpoint to play certain vid files. (

Final Note:
This game is still technically in its rough draft form, but I don't really have the time to go over everything, and I most likely won't until next year. So I'll share this now and update it later once I get around to it.

Let me know if you have any issues.
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Re: Demon Slayer Bomb Game (BIG FILE, MEDIA HEAVY)
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Kids loved the game, didn't see any issues with it personally as I ran through it.

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Re: Demon Slayer Bomb Game (BIG FILE, MEDIA HEAVY)
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Awesome game! Very well done! I am encountering an issue with some slides where it just goes to the "Choose your...." - I might be playing the game wrong though :undecided: