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Many positions in clean modern hakwons
« on: July 10, 2022, 09:16:49 am »
Kinetic Recruiting www.kineticenglish. com is looking for dynamic English instructors to work in South Korea. Multiple positions available all across South Korea. Our affiliate partners have over 200 locations so you get to provide your preferences of  location and age group from Kindergarten to elementary to middle school - from Jeju to Gawondo to Seoul. You have the choice.

 Benefits include competitive salary ranging from 2.2 million South Korean Won - 2.8 million South Korean won *depending on education and experience. Severance bonus upon completion of contract, airfare reimbursement, paid vacation, studio apartment or housing allowance, 50% payments on reclaimable gov. pension and medical insurance.
Responsibilities: Manage classroom activities in English for maximum 12 students per class, 40-50 minute classes, 28-34 teaching hours per week, 12 month contract.

Qualifications: Native English speaker, must be able to obtain E2 visa / transfer an E2 visa or have a current  F type visa for long term stay in South Korea (this includes having a 4 year Bachelor degree, and a current criminal background check, both notarized and authenticated. Must show a love for teaching and children, must be willing to supply a 1 to 2 minute teaching sample for the designated age groups.
Come and visit, teach, earn, and learn with Kinetic Recruiting. www.kineticenglish. com