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    • June 02, 2011, 10:12:19 am
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 Geoje & Changwon are a dime a dozen but Tongyeong is rare;

Jinju & Daegu are littering with ads but the Shilla dynasty capital Gyeongju has had few ops posted online.

Chuncheon has multiple international festivals and featured cuisine yet in terms of ESL jobs the postings are sparce.

What gives?

(I'd gladly spend my next year at any of these places; i've thought so for over a decade but the RARITY of job postings in these places has resulted in misses.
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Great points. Those are all fantastic places and it sure would be nice if more jobs ads involved them. A person could do a lot worse than work there.

They are great places. I like those places. I would consider those places.

It could be that the hagwons in Changwon and Geoje can't retain staff. Add that to the fact that such locations seem less exciting.