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Re: I'm back... to complain, and get some advice.
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It's good to be able to vent, especially to people who are able to listen sympathetically. I'm lucky enough to have some siblings that I get along with, and who also enjoy family venting sessions.
  Therapists are a great idea, but from what I hear, there aren't too many here in Korea. One of my friends spent a lot of time looking for one.
  Are the therapists you found based here in Korea, or are they international?
 Also, if you're still happy with them, maybe post a recommendation? I'm sure it would be helpful to somebody!

Yeah, therapists in Korea aren't cheap. I'm using

You can choose/switch therapists and I chose one on the East Coast of the US as it schedules better to the Korean timezone.
When filling out the online form, before signing up, I suggest you put your income as 'low'. I put mine as medium and got a quote of something like $285 for 4 sessions. I told them I couldn't afford it and got a 40% discount.

I'm not recommending them as I have limited experience, but you do have quite a few therapists to choose from and I think it's good to vent to a sympathetic ear or get professional solutions, particularly as my sleep has been impacted.