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Phonics/Alphabet Games for Grade 1-2?
« on: April 28, 2022, 06:14:09 am »

I am teaching the alphabet to 1st and 2nd grade (1-2 letters a week) and I am at the point where I am really stumped with what activities I can do with them? They are really low level so I have been focusing on the sound, letter recognition, and easy vocabulary with the letters. Are there any activities you have done that are engaging and fun for them?

Things I have done in the past and are bored with at the moment:
-bingo (grid and line)
-ball toss on vocab
-ABCYa games
-matching (pictures only)

Thank you!!!!

Re: Phonics/Alphabet Games for Grade 1-2?
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2022, 07:26:44 am »
If you are allowed to use the internet the
site has some very easily adaptable games.  Easy preparation and my students enjoy playing the games - my students are grade 3 and 4 but I am sure grades 1 and 2 would enjoy them too.

If you have mini whiteboards with markers/erasers you could have them write some words with you sounding the letters out and then showing them.  Make sure you use regularly spelt cvc words eg cat, dog, hat, egg, bad, bed,
I am not sure which letters you are up to.

Students can just practice writing the letters on the whiteboard.  I have found that whiteboard writing is not so intimidating for students as they can erase any errors.  However I encourage them to just X out any errors so they can keep writing.
When you want them to stop I call out 'boards up' (and model with my own board) and the students raise their boards.  I quickly look around at what they have written while saying the sound of the letter.  Fast if they wrote a lot of letters and slow if they just wrote a few.
Then I hold my eraser and ... pause ... and 'erase' and quickly erase my board and hold it up while counting down slowly from (about) 5.  The fun element of writing.

I hope one or more of these will be helpful.
Have fun!

Another simple activity is to have 2 letters at the top of the board and 2 at the bottom.  You say a sound and students have to stand (if the letter is at the top of the board) or sit (if it is at the bottom of the board).  Keep it moving and have fun with it.  You can move the letters around to make it more exciting.
Variation - have the letters on the left and right of the boards and the students stand to the left or right of their desks accordingly.  Yes, some students will just be copying others movements but hopefully will be having a positive attitude to English.

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Re: Phonics/Alphabet Games for Grade 1-2?
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2022, 08:56:09 am »
One of my favorite things to do with 1-2 graders is print out the letters in huge size and arrange the letters on the floor to make a human size board game. I also print out "go forward 2 spaces" and "go back to spaces" and "change places" (1 or 2 of each depending on the length of the game).
I have students roll big soft dice, and they have to say the name of the letter they land on or the sound the letter makes, or else go back to where they were.
This game works best once they know more than 6-8 letters. Otherwise it's short.

You can also play this game as a board game. (attached below, template not mine. this is my filled version. you can change it to the letters your students know) You'll need dice and playing pieces (말 in Korean).

You can re-use the big letters to make a toss game. Toss the dice/ball/object and say the sound/name of the letter the object lands on. You can also play with a print out letter chart. Like, if they know A-G, make a small chart with each letter, and they have to color the letter on the chart as they throw. First to all 7 letters wins.

You can make a cap flick board too. Just make a chart of the letters they know, arrange them in a grid, assign points (first row 1 pt, second row 2 pts, etc), and give them a little score card. You'll need a cap, coin or other small flick-able object. They have to be able to name the letter or make its sound to get points.

Odd One Out - is minimal pairs work. (if you don't know about minimal pairs, please go study them. sorry i don't have time to explain)
This game is good for phonemic awareness and practice hearing the sound differences. You can use my template and change the words to the ones they know. Mine are all first sounds (you can change it to be initial, middle or word final sounds as needed)

Hidden Picture - put pictures of letters or words they're learning behind the boxes. One box disappears at a time, and students must guess what the word/letter is. You can get them to say what letter the word starts with, ends with, etc etc. (i got this template from on here years ago, and adapted it to phonics)