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Re: The Ukraine War
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Yip, I guess the US military recruit some random ESL teacher in Korea, with a huge chip on his shoulder and an obsession to argue and win at all costs, to advise them on military matters.

Good grief Marty, another pathetically stupid comment. Of course they use civilians but they are EXPERTS in their fields with post grad degrees in their field and not as I said, some random ESL teacher from Korea who lives under the delusion that he knows EVERYTHING and anyone who dares to disagree with him is a complete idiot.

The problem saffer, is that you don't understand expertise and when it does and does not apply.

For starters, you are operating under the flawed assumption that the authority/expert is acting in good faith and not pushing an agenda or trying to manipulate people. Second, as I keep on saying, you mistook some experts' opinions for ALL expert opinion.

I am not disagreeing with experts. I am disagreeing with "the experts." Plenty of experts had a different view and in large part it was from them I formed my view. What you did was accept the opinions of "the experts" that were selected and presented you through a political process to manipulate opinion.

What you didn't do was compare what they offered to other experts. You had no process of accountability and verification.

What you did, was look for opinion that reinforced existing feelings you already had- opinion that made you FEEL good, NOT opinion that was accurate.

If you sought accurate opinion, rather than feel good opinion, you wouldn't be disagreeing with me and would not be surprised at the current situation.

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Re: The Ukraine War
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Good grief Marty, stop trying to convince yourself that I made predictions. Let me say it again, I NEVER MADE PREDICTIONS. Get that into your thick skull.

I would have been stupid to make predictions favoring Ukraine, in the beginning most people thought it would be over quickly. Later, people started having second thoughts, hence their comments on the internet which I alluded to. Everyone including Putin underestimated the Ukrainians, they are fighting for their country, most of the Russian soldiers probably don't want to even be there, especially the 300,000 that were drafted.

So, please stop putting words in my mouth. I don't think we are going to see a quick end to this war, the Russians have dug in and it is pretty hard to get them out and Putin would never withdraw as it would be the end of him and as we all know, dictators are all about control and staying in power, that is why his BFF, Xi is supporting him right now. Birds of a feather and all that. Make no mistake, Xi will drop Putin like a hot cake if things start going pear-shaped for him or it doesn't suit Xi's playbook.
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