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I just foolishly signed a contract at a part time job. I have an F6 visa and can legally work pt jobs.

I want to keep this short so I won't go into all of the details....but there were some red flags during the interview/mock class(seperate days). I tried to overlook these as sometimes Korean employers/staff can come off the wrong way due to language/cultural barriers. But then it got worse. Turns out the amount of work required is much, much more than I was told. I thought prep work was included within the paid hours as I'm at work for 8 hrs/week but only paid for 6.5(getting paid salary). But that's not the case. The kids get snack time and I seem to have one class off per week while I'm at the academy. I have tasks at that time but not getting paid for them as they are not classes. So the preparation time would take place before class and there seems to be a mountain of it.

 I've been texted by them so much (with an amazing amount of downloads and links to websites I'm required to join) talking about all of the rules and expectations it just seems ridiculous. For what I initially thought of as a simple pt kindy job, now just doesn't seem worth it. To the point that I don't even want to show up to work tomorrow.

I will certainly show up to work an give it a shot....but if it turns out the way I think it will....there's no way I want to give the 6 weeks notice that is stated in the contract. If I quit during the first week I don't even care about getting paid. 
I would hate to leave them high and dry though.

Anyway...if I were to suddenly quit, do I have anything to worry about?