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████***Nice private school in Gangneung in Gangwondo for Feb or March 2022 *** ████

Why Choose Gangneung?
Gangwon is one of most popular province as a tourist spot with Skiing,Mountain,Valley and Ocean beach along east coast.
Gangneung (Korean pronunciation: [kaŋ.nɯŋ]) is a municipal city in the province of Gangwon-do, on the east coast of South Korea. It has a population of 213,658. Gangneung is the economic centre of the Yeongdong region of Gangwon-do. Gangneung has many tourist attractions, such as Jeongdongjin, a very popular area for watching the sun rise, and Gyeongpo Beach. There is an ROKAF airbase south of downtown Gangneung that formerly doubled as a civil airport.


#1 Very comfortable school with easy curricular and Nice director
(Very Spacious Family Apartment with 3 rooms, living room and separated Kitchen
& Short working hour)

The location is very nice location in Gangneung city that is close to big Marts and a lot of Restaurants and hospitals and western Food court etc.
we recommend you very strongly and I am pretty sure you will be happy at school.
Director is such a nice person to work with and they are very helpful for anything for Teachers. also, House is just 5min away on foot.

** House: Very Spacious Family Apartment with 3 rooms, living room and separated Kitchen and close from school / House & school is located in city . there are a lot of place for shopping etc to have fun.

** The house is much big enough to live even for family members and very clean and modern. Director uses Big amount of deposit with yearly Payment for this family house. It is very expensive (teacher can get provided by school) and we can imagine what kinds of house it is.

** Photos for school and house will be provided .

Here is work condition you can refer (All is standard conditions)
: Male or Female but Prefer E2 or D10 visa to do visa transfer

1. Location: Gangneung City , Gangwon-do
2. Start date: Feb or March or April , 2022
3. Number of foreign: 1
4. Teaching targets: mostly Elementary
5. Class size: 6-12 students in each class
6. Teaching hours: 1~7pm on Mon~Fri (including all breaks time) : Need to come by 12:30pm for preparation
7. Monthly salary: 2.2 ~2.4 million KRW
8. Airfare
9. Housing: Very Spacious Family Apartment with 3 rooms, living room and separated Kitchen
10. Other benefits: 50/50 Health insurance, National pension, completion bonus (equivalent to one month's salary)
11. Vacation: 10days and all National holidays

1.   If you are interested in, Please Email resume, photo to

Pilsun Jung( Director)
J.E. Consulting (Website:
Cell: 82-010-4579-4591 (In Korea) Fax: 0303-3442-4591
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Do you have to share the house?
 Or, is it for the teacher only?
Help others, especially animals. Say what you think, be considerate of others. Appreciate more than deprecate. Teach well, jump on teachable moments. Enjoy Korea as it is, without changing it. Dwell! Yet, at times, change your life for the better. "The most important [thing] is to have a good day."