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Re: Vaccine 95% relative risk reduction vs .84% absolute risk reduction
« Reply #60 on: January 04, 2022, 10:52:06 pm »
I haven't read much in here. But I have a question.... So my school (and just people in general), are really pushing the booster. They signed me up for it and I'm only 56 days out from #2. (heck, they'd make me at 60 days if they could. it's like go go go) I had to count out the 90 days just so they wouldn't make it any sooner.
But what you're saying here is I essentially have 6 months from #2 unless regulations change?
(i'm kind of thinking spacing out the vaccines is the better way to go. at least for me. i'm the allergic to stuff type. i understand the risks on both sides, and i'd like to find a balance)

Check your COOV app. It used to show how many days passed since the second dose. Like D+72 or however many days.
But now it's changed and it shows how many more days it is going to be valid. And the validity period is 6 months after the second dose. I don't believe they would shorten that period in the future.