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Posting for an older friend
« on: November 25, 2021, 05:31:34 am »
My friend is about to finish a contract with a university in Incheon (he's about to turn 65, it's unlikely he'll get an offer to stay  due to his age). He's been in Korea for around 17 years (I met him 16 years ago when I first went to work in Korea). He's been working with adult students since 2010 (his first 4 years were with kids in a hagwon). Due to COVID-19 probably limiting the number of incoming foreign teachers, does anyone know of any  teaching employment options for my friend if he wants to stay in Korea? He's happy to maybe do one more year in a hagwon but he's also considering returning to North America. He's not mentally ready to retire (but financially it seems he might be). I know now that it's pretty hard for older people to teach in Korea however as he's already there (and with COVID)  that there might be an option for him.