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Brawl Stars Telepathy Roulette
« on: November 24, 2021, 11:27:12 am »
I originally had made this a telepathy game, but I ended up getting an idea from another person's telepathy game. So I made this a telepathy roulette game. Each student has a paper (which I have attached) or you can have them write on a paper/notebook. Make sure each student writes their name at the top. When the music starts they will pass around the paper or notebook and when the music stops, whoever's paper they have in front of them, they must write a sentence down. So not only is it random, but it's even more random because at times a different student is writing on their paper. (You can play in groups or as a whole class (just change the instructions).

Two slides should automatically transition when they are finished playing the sounds. (Who will you choose? slide and Connecting to server slide)

Re: Brawl Stars Telepathy Roulette
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You embedded the fonts, which normally makes it so that someone can edit the thing without installing them.

But when you open the PPTX, powerpoint reports that Supercell-Magic is a restricted font that can't be used for editing unless it's actually installed on the system. So, it defeats the purpose of embedding the font.

I was able to download the font from and using the first link in the list there.


edit: And I've attached a smaller version of this. Hope it comes in handy
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