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« on: November 21, 2021, 11:15:42 pm »
Here are two PowerPoints I made for grades 3rd-6th and 1st and 2nd. The PowerPoint for 3rd-6th is based on the Brainpop jr video. The video is just too advanced for my students so I turned it into a ppt with simple sentences. For 1st and 2nd, it's just vocabulary words with a make a 3d turkey activity and color the turkey worksheet.  (all attached below)

My older students in middle school will watch the BrainPOP jr video and play a jeopardy game. (game is attached below)

And I attached the lyrics to the song. The song is the thanksgiving song by Adam Sandler. I got the lyrics on here from another user but don't remember who. My friend made the video for the song with the animations and cut the audio to be appropriate.

Here are the links used in the PowerPoint.
(what am I game)
(guess the food game)
(thanksgiving song)
(thanksgiving brainpop jr)

Re: Thanksgiving
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In looking through the game, the slide on how much turkeys weigh seems to be about wild turkeys, since it says that they range from 5-11 kg.

But domestic turkeys have an average weight of 13.5 kg or so.

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Re: Thanksgiving
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