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Speaking Test
« on: November 19, 2021, 11:17:20 am »
Hello I would like to know if anyone has any general or novel ideas about testing speaking for High School?

Last semester I had them plan a trip abroad and it was relatively successful. This time though I am giving myself less time and being simpler may be the right option. Over the next two weeks, I will prepare for one week, and test in the other.

Any help? greatly appreciated!

Re: Speaking Test
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[The Materials Below were Originally made for Middle School English Speaking & Writing Tests]
- my school uses the "Middle School English 3 (2019) by DongA
-So the grammatical points are based off of those covered in the text book.

What about having students introduce their favorite food/ or comfort food?
They can introduce their favorite food or their comfort food (1 sentence), what's in in it and where it's originally from (2 sentences), explain a 3 ~ 5 step recipe (3 ~ 5 sentences),for how to make it, share a memory or reason behind why this is their comfort food, and end with a recommendation or hope for everyone to try it. 

If you can, I would suggest using one your classes for them to get prepared for the test, and you can give them a worksheet with the guiding questions in one of the classes and let them also use their smartphones or school tablets (if you schools have them) to do some research regarding the recipes.

I have created  a couple of writing / speaking test prep PPTs and Worksheets for both 2nd graders and 3rd graders at my middle school and the "comfort food" topic worked really well for the students!

I am attaching the PPT and Prep worksheets below as samples feel free to use them as they are or edit it to your needs.
For example, my students had to use the following grammar/ expressions below:
~ Have you ever + past participle
~ Not only ~~ but also ~~
~ I hope you can try it/ taste it/ ~ sometime
~ Noun make(s) + object (me/ us) feel + adjective (good/ happy/ excited)

but you can change those to suit the expressions your high school is expecting the students to learn ( if any)

Also, for middle school, we allow students to make a small hint card/ cue card that the can take a look at to help them remember what to say if they get too nervous or forget.

I wish you the best of luck in for the speaking tests! Those can be a bit tricky to plan.
I'm sorry I don't have any high school level materials as I've only worked at the middle schools here.
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Re: Speaking Test
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Thank you.

That's great you're very kind.


Re: Speaking Test
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No worries!
I'm glad to be of some help to a fellow teacher (선생님) ;D!

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I teach MS but the original idea came from a HS teacher, I think: a Show and Tell.

Have them bring their favorite possession and give a 1-2 minute presentation on what it is and why they love it so much. Ours went really well, we had some kids bring and play their favorite instruments, one boy was really into bugs and brought those for everyone to touch (waaaay before covid) and another brought a basketball jersey signed by Michael Jordan when he visited the US.

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Re: Speaking Test
« Reply #5 on: August 21, 2022, 08:23:24 pm »
Hello, fellow high school teacher. I perform my speaking tests as follows: I meet with each student individually (in an empty classroom) and ask them a question. With this question I always ask a follow up question as well to get some details. I shuffle between 4-5 different questions to ask my students. An example would be “What’s a movie you’ve enjoyed recently? What was your favorite part? Why?”

I have approximately 30 students per class and must wrap up the exam by the end of each class period. Hope this helps you or someone else! ^^