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Preparing for the Future-Grade 3 Lesson 2
« on: April 02, 2010, 10:53:24 am »
I'm sorry to have to resort to this, but does anyone have a copy of the old Middle School English(car version)? My grade 3 coteacher is at another school today, I am at home sick, and forget what the grammar points for the unit are. My lesson plans for the week are due on Monday. Could anyone tell me what the grammar focuses are? I have no idea what to do with my grade 3s for the 3rd week in a row on this unit.

Any info you can give me would be much appreciated!

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Re: Preparing for the Future-Grade 3 Lesson 2
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2010, 01:12:54 pm »

I only do the dialogue parts out of this book.  My co-teachers like me to only do speaking and listening and leave the rest up to them.

So the basic speaking parts are ....

A: What are you interested in?
B: I'm interested in fashion.  I like making clothes.
A: Then you could study fashion design and be a designer.
B: Well I don't think so.
A: Why?
B" Because I'm terrible in art classes.  I don't think I have talent in design.

I am focusing one week on interests/jobs/what do you want to be/ and the next week on advice.

From what I can see in the teachers guide the grammar points are~ giving advice expressions ~ must/have to/ought to/should ~ preferences " I like to read history books, I like reading history books. ~ the differences between advice expressions, order, advise, tell, ask~ restrictive and non restrictive clauses ( that/which, who is/which was)~ pronouns (one, some, other(s))~ auxiliary verb +be + p.p ( The radio can be fixed by him)~

I am sure there are more that just that in there.......sorry I couldn't be more of a help!

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Re: Preparing for the Future-Grade 3 Lesson 2
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2010, 01:25:55 pm »
I'm just finishing up those are my lesson plans, power points and handouts.  I also do only the Look and Say! 

When we did the what are you interested in, each student had to pick one line and read it...they were thinking up problems while my coteacher and I canvassed (sp?) the class...she started on one side and I on the other.  Then we collected the problems and switched them with other students to write a reply...tonnes of fun!

For the advice problems...I generally had them put a problem on a scrap of paper, collected them all and then traded them...I had some extras for just in case

Hope you feel better!