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American (F) looking for employment in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do
« on: September 30, 2021, 12:15:47 pm »
Hello! I am looking for employment in Chuncheon starting after February 2022. I am currently living and working here in South Korea on an E-2 visa. I have a bachelor's degree and 120 hour TEFL certification.

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Re: American (F) looking for employment in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do
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Can I get your email?

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Re: American (F) looking for employment in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2022, 12:10:30 am »
Would you consider Donghae , gangwon?

British Owned School on the Korean East Coast!

Are you looking for something “more” in your job? Are you creative?

Do you enjoy working with young students and seeing them grow and develop language skills and confidence?

Do you want to work with a team that are passionate about education and learning?

We are a British owned school and have been in operation for 8 years, within the area we are a popular choice for young learners. We are located on the East Coast of Korea in a small beach town called, Donghae City. Donghae is surrounded by valleys, mountains and the best beaches in Korea. If you love the outdoors life and clean air, this is a great spot for you. We are far from the bright lights of Seoul, but have just been connected by the KTX, so you have easy access to the capital when you need a weekend of shopping or home comfort foods.

At our school, we believe that learning should be exciting, interactive, and creative! We have a well-organized curriculum based on high quality textbooks and materials and young learners are very much focused on reading fluency, writing, comprehension and communication. We are also a Cambridge Test Prep center, meaning that you have an international framework of standards to work towards, all our students are motivated to pass the tests and - as the tests are very much focused on natural language, communication and writing - your role is valuable to their learning objectives and goals.

We are looking for teachers that are funny, positive, energetic, organized, responsible, and really care about teaching and helping students learn.

We support teachers all the way. We have a lot of materials saved for teachers to utilize in their classrooms and are always happy to purchase anything that you feel would benefit your teaching and lesson plans. We actively support anyone looking to bring their classroom to life and strongly encourage it 👍

We have meetings weekly to resolve any issues in the classroom, discuss progress and aims for the week/month ahead.

Our students are polite, respectful, love learning English and you could help them to achieve their goals 🏆

Our ideal teachers (are)
-Native English Speakers from The countries eligible for e2 visa sponsorship
-qualified teachers – have experience with teaching - but training will also be provided to the right candidate.
-caring – Care about the students progress and well being.
-energetic, passionate, responsible, outgoing and have positive attitudes.
- able to draw students, push them to explore and encourage them to achieve.
- professional, organized, and take responsibility for their work.
- Like to be part of a team but have plenty of initiative to work alone when required, too.
- love interacting with children and youth.

A 4 year university degree/diploma is required for visa sponsorship.
A clean criminal background check is required to work in South Korea.
University transcripts will be required as part of the visa process.

Start Date: July / August
Positions Available – 1
Work Hours: M-F 1:00-8pm (current classes 2pm – 7pm) but we try to give some hours off through the week where possible for prep/organization.
Location: East Coast Korea – Donghae City. Nearest beach is 5 minutes away.
Grade: Mostly Elementary, some middle school. But, you will mostly teach Elementary. Pre A1 – b1/2
Pay: 2.3 base & higher (depending on experience and credentials)
Benefits: Pension, Health, severance, housing
Vacation: 10 days
Visa: Can sponsor E2 Visa
How to apply:
Please send the following documents to:
1) resume
2) cover letter (Please indicate the date you can start.)
3) copy of picture page of passport or recent photos of yourself
4) copy of diploma
5. Short video introduction

Re: American (F) looking for employment in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do
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Can I get your email?

That's rather forward of you.

If they get your email, can I get your digits? Hit me up on the ol' two-way.
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