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Using Korea's #1 online buy and sell market Bunjang
« on: August 13, 2021, 09:04:13 am »
Does anybody here use it?  The site is only in Korean language so it's a little difficult
to navigate and understand everything.

I recently made a sale and the buyer paid using the "safepay" method  Safepay apparently is some kind of escrow service
that Bunjang uses.  I shipped out the item and uploaded the tracking number.  It was delivered a couple days ago and the buyer
did contact me to say they got it and seems to be keeping it although they had some difficulty using it and had to ask me a lot of questions on how to use the item.   When will I get paid?  I assume the buyer is supposed to click on something that finalizes and confirms the transaction as completed and then the money paid to Safepay will be transferred to my bank account on file.

Is that how it works? 

How come I haven't received my payment yet?  How long does it usually take after the item has been confirmed delivered?