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I have been teaching in Guangzhou for 12 years. I teach in a public middle school and high school. My PPT are all high quality as they have been changed almost every year to meet my high standards. Yes, my PPT are very long and many of them have few words. This is because I teach oral English and I think it is better for my students to hear me talk than to read the words. My classes are 40 minutes long, and some of my PPT are split into 2 lessons. If you are in China and you would like to contact me, my QQ number is 1182497989.

This is a middle school lesson with a small joke followed by an idiom. There are some words they will not know and they will not understand the joke the first time they read it. So i explain the words and show them that some words have multiple meanings.

the lesson ends and explanation of the differences between motorbike and motorcycle, as well as some fun photos of why motorcycles are dangerous.