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Jeopardy Game
« on: May 31, 2021, 01:38:09 pm »
Hi all~

I made a Jeopardy game for my grade 3 middle school students. It's mainly random knowledge but there are some questions that are pretty specific to our book that you may want to change (i.e. madeleine cookies) as they may not be as easy for them. Also, the final jeopardy question is about me so you'll definitely need to change that.

User tips:
-There are yes and no buttons at the top left of every question slide. If clicked they make a sound but they don't take you to the answer slide. Hit the spacebar for that.
-Hit the spacebar to get to the question and answer on the Daily Double slides.
-On every answer slide there is a home button that takes you back to the game board. Don't hit the spacebar here, it will take you to the next question in the category.

Should be useful for all of those extra days that need filling near the end of semesters.