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    • May 25, 2021, 04:30:58 pm
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FOS Academy is looking for a bilingual or native teacher who is passionate about helping young children develop their English skills. We welcome anyone with a high standard of work ethic who is also a team player and has previous experience in teaching.

Full-time Position
*Starting Date: ASAP
*Working Hours: M~F, 1:30 pm ~9:00 pm
*Location: Suji-gu office station, Sinbundang line [5 min walk from the station]  8 stations away from Gangnam
*Age Group: Elementary ~ Middle School
*Compensation: 3 million KRW or 2.3 million KRW w/ Housing
*Benefits: Housing available, National pension, Medical insurance, Severance pay

Part-time Position- Starting Date: ASAP
*Working Hours: M~F, 3:30 pm ~7:00 pm
*Age Group: Elementary ~ Middle School
*Location: Suji-gu office station, Sinbundang line [5 min walk from the station] 8 stations away from Gangnam
*Compensation: 1.6 million KRW
*Benefits: National Pension, Medical insurance, Severance pay

1. How many classes per day?
For FT: 4-5 classes per day
For PT: 3-4 classes per day

Keep in mind somedays you will have more classes and somedays will be the same.
You will be given a schedule and notified weekly if anything changes.

2. How long are the breaks in between classes?
There is a 5 min break in between classes. However, depending on your schedule, there usually is a 50min break

3. Teaching material?
We provide the lesson plans and expect our teachers to follow the school's guidelines. However, we are always open to suggestions in providing the best experience for the children at our school

If you are interested, please email your resume, a recent photo, contact number, and the best time to reach you. Hope to speak with you soon! :)

Thank you
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