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Musical Pursuit - Spring 2021 Edition
« on: May 13, 2021, 09:10:16 am »
I redesigned and updated the content from my winter edition of this game (can be found here) to play with my students after their midterm exams.

Approx. size: 289 mb

Most of the movie files in the WATCH category are mp4, so you'll need to install Quicktime on your computer in order to play them properly. It's a free program and won't interfere with anything on your computer, it's just required by Powerpoint to play certain vid files.  (

Most of the songs in the POP and all of the songs in the KPOP categories are new songs released only this year, some of them just a few weeks ago, so they're especially challenging. Since these songs are so popular, though, many of the students are still familiar with them, but I suggest having a cheat sheet ready for giving them additional hints about each singer or group, just in case, especially for the ones by ONF and Enhypen.

The Korean translation under the KPOP category explanation does not fully explain what's expected of students for that category, it's really just a brief note about how red lyrics are original and black lyrics are translated, so you might want to make sure you test their understanding (although they'll get it pretty much right away once a question from that category is picked the first time). I'm pointing this out now just in case anyone would like to edit the categories.

Also as a final note, the last video in the WATCH category (Brittany Spears animation) might be regarded as questionable by some schools. Watch it beforehand to make that determination for yourself.

Let me know if you have any trouble. ^^

edit -- Made a few changes, link updated.

edit 2 -- Replaced a vid file, link updated.
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Re: Musical Pursuit - Spring 2021 Edition
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Re: Musical Pursuit - Spring 2021 Edition
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

One of the video files is mpg and some people reported not being able to play it, so I've replaced it with an mp4 and have updated the download link. Just a heads up to anyone who's run into the same problem.

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Re: Musical Pursuit - Spring 2021 Edition
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Thank you so much for your hard work on these games! I've used all of them and my students really enjoy them. They're also great for online classes. Really really nice job. Thank you for sharing!

Re: Musical Pursuit - Spring 2021 Edition
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After playing this game with all of my 3rd grade classes, only two students were able to correctly guess ONF's "Beautiful Beautiful" under the Kpop category. So I switched it out for BTS' new song, "Butter" instead. Link has been updated.

Re: Musical Pursuit - Spring 2021 Edition
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Thanks for all your hard work! In the few classes I've played this in only two groups have gotten the Enhypen song (and even then only the group). I just swapped it out for NCT's Hot Sauce.