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Earth Day/Sustainability
« on: April 30, 2021, 07:09:37 pm »
Hey guys!

I'm looking at teaching a lesson on sustainability jumping off Earth Day last week for kids aged 11 to 13 (or upper end of primary I'm thinking I could use it for my G+T group too and get some great perspectives from them 0- let me know if you think it's appropriate).

I'd like to have a mix of information but also a few activities and a quiz at the end to consolidate knowledge.

I've found a useful teaching Wiki with an outline I'd like to follow to introduce the topic: I noticed Twinkl has some free downloads for this kind of topic which is useful, so I might use a PowerPoint as an intro to the topic and I see they've also got some free David Attenborough content ( which I'll definitely be using as I want to highlight some environmental activists (will be covering Greta, too).

I'm pretty covered for the info side of the lesson block, but the activity needs some more thought. Does anyone have any ideas?  was thinking they could use the info they've heard to design a sustainably product or recycling idea. Maybe this would involve a design element and they could write a proposal for their products.

Another idea I had was for them to design an art installation using sustainable materials?

Let me know what you think and thanks so much for your help. New here so any help would be appreciated!  :azn:
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