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Our current teacher is sadly leaving us after 3 years.

EPL Language Academy is a foreign owned and managed, English academy in Incheon (Ganseok Dong). We have been in business over 10 years now. We are looking for a well motivated and caring teacher to join our team. We could also hire a couple. We are located between Ganseok and Juan station (walking distance from both). Quick taxi or bus to the Arts Center area of Incheon.
Teaching at EPL the Basics:
Housing can be provided or housing allowance.
Pay is dependent on qualifications and experience.
Work schedule: 2:00 8:50pm or 2-8 or 2-7pm M-F
Classes are 50 minutes long. Maximum 6 students per class. Elementary/Middle.
Perfect job for somebody finishing up a 9-6 pm position.
Pension and National Insurance.
Vacation: 1 week in summer and 1 week in winter. More can be arranged if a substitute teacher can be found.
Permission to add another place of employment. If the teacher wants to earn a little extra somewhere not a problem.
It is a lovely and fun place to work with a great team of teachers and students. Very relaxed family business with a positive atmosphere. We have a set curriculum with plenty of room for side projects or activities. We do not make money selling books so we take as much time as the students need to learn the material. There is no rush like in bigger hagwon franchises. Excellent teaching environment.
Zero shenanigans.
We have a staff of 9 right now. They are all available to answer any questions. Just ask for contact details and they will answer a call or answer an email. All staff members are on at least their third year.
Please share and pass this along to anyone looking for position early next year.
That is all.
Enjoy the weather.
Contact: 010-9924-2082