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yeah girlfriend/rona. my original plan was 1 or 2 years. 1st year was great, so i stayed a second. 2nd year was great, so i stayed a third to figure out what my girlfriend and i are gonna do. 3rd year was great (minus the rona), but it wasnt clear what the rona situation would be in either country and korea seemed more predictable. 4th year is going great too but after this one we're gonna be heading back to the US together. then you'll be rid of me and my lack of capitalization :(
Tyler trying to keep it respectable but we all know he's staying because of the esports scene.

Heck, it'd be like that for me and baseball. When I think about it- one thing that I would REALLY miss if I left here is Korean baseball. Unless I lived in some ridiculously expensive part of a city back home, it would be so hard to go to three-six games in a week, drink, and be able to afford it because of ease of transportation, ticket prices, etc.  And Korean baseball really is great value for the buck. Probably only Championship/League One football would compare, but that's only once every other weekend.
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