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    • April 26, 2021, 07:03:05 pm
    • itly
I finally got all my parts and put it all together only for it not to post.


MSI X570 Tomahawk WIFI

AMD 5600x192.168.8.1

GTX 1070

Crucial Ballistix 3600CL16 8gb x 4

M.2 WD-BLACK SN850 2tb

After troubleshooting for a couple hours, I finally got it to post with v15 reflashed bios but with my GTX 1070 in the PCIe_3 slot. I installed windows and all the drivers and now posting on reddit for help. No matter what I do I can't get it to post with the GPU in the PCIe_1 slot. I get the white EZ Debug VGA light every time. I tried putting in 1 ram stick in all slot configurations, I tried different bios versions, I swapped to an older GTX 750ti and the white VGA light still comes on and does not post. The 750ti does work in the PCIe_3 slot though. I don't want to keep using it in the lower PCIe_3 slot because I plan to have other PCIe cards placed inside as well as fans blowing up to the GPU(I have a Lain Li Lincoln 2 Mesh).

Do I have a broken PCIe_1 slot? Is there a way to check if it is broken with a program I can download? Anyone else have issues/solutions with your GPU not working in the PCIe_1 slot?
Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!
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