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Low Level Afterschool English Class. Please help.
« on: April 15, 2021, 12:02:27 pm »
Hello everyone. Iím in need of some phonics/reading/motivating studentsÖidkÖI just need help. I have afterschool classes with 4 -5/6 grade boys. Iíve done afterschool classes before, but I would like to do better this time around. These are low level students. They know their alphabet and some phonics, but Iím not sure how I can help them so that they can improve. Whatís frustrating is that these students put in little to no effort during class. Itís gotten to the point where I honestly question my efforts and helpfulness as a NET.

Anyways, Iíd like to ask for suggestions on what I can do during these forty minutes that I have with them in regards of motivation, class management (I have a feeling that itís going to be difficult to get them to do things.), or effective lessons to help them improve in English. Iím. just. So. Tired. ㅠㅠ