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Mafia Game (Among Us themed) - MS/HS
« on: March 30, 2021, 11:41:36 am »
I took someone else's Among Us ppt game and repurposed it for Mafia. I basically changed everything except for the first two slides.

Included is an explanation powerpoint, and two ID card files (one is a powerpoint in case anyone wants to make any changes, one is a pdf file for anyone who doesn't). I printed the cards out in color, but that's not necessary as it's only really the detective, doctor, and imposter cards you need to set apart from the rest, and you can just color those in with markers. I pasted them onto card stock so that the cards can't be seen from the back (I find it's easier to shuffle the cards this way rather than laminating them, too). I included a black background in the file that you can print out and paste onto the backs instead. It'll be harder to shuffle the cards this way, but you won't need to spend any money on card stock if you don't want to.

You'll also need to install the included font file for everything to show up as intended or else you'll have to adjust the font sizes on each slide. I did not set this font as pictures in the powerpoint so that anyone who wants to make changes to the rules or gameplay can do so.

I didn't state this at all in the explanation powerpoint, but, for those of you not familiar with Mafia, students will need to go through an initial night and day phase without any deaths so that you and your coteacher can know in advance who the imposters, detective, and doctor are. Dead members cannot vote, and you'll have to recalculate how many votes are needed to kill a suspect after each death (EX: If there are 12 members left alive, then you'll need 6-7 votes to kill a suspect). I keep a tally of all CREW deaths on the board so that the class can keep track of how close the CREW might be to losing to the IMPOSTERS. In a class of 24 in which there are 4 imposters, for example, you have a total of 20 CREW members, so once the imposters manage to kill 11 or more of the CREW they automatically win.

I also recommend making all dead members go to sleep during every NIGHT phase so that they won't accidentally or intentionally give anything away to the still living members.

Since all of my classes have between 22-25 students, I include 4 imposter cards, and I allow imposters to choose two victims at a time. This has made it possible for me to finish a game during a 45 minute class. This does give the imposters more of an edge, though, so you could reduce the number of imposters down to 3.

This game was created for 3rd grade middle school students as part of their Lesson 1 speaking dialogue ("I think...", I agree, I disagree, etc...). You'll see the reference slide I included at the end.
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Re: Mafia Game (Among Us themed) - MS/HS
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I modified my post to go into greater detail about how to play this game as some of the game play is not explained in the explanation powerpoint. It was made with the assumption that the teachers would already know how to play Mafia.