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    • September 11, 2015, 02:58:56 pm
    • Sejong City, South Korea
I'm sorry that I don't know exactly where this thread belongs, but I thought this might be urgent for other teachers. It's my understanding through extensive troubleshooting that all current versions of Cheonjae textbooks are experiencing problems, including the online browser version.

1. You cannot use both the mouse and the touchscreen for some menus, only one or the other depending on how you start the program.

2. 역할놀이 is not working. (This is where you record voices over a video and play it back.)

3. "Homework" section of every chapter no longer has music, buttons don't work properly, and there is some sort of unwanted system message before each question.

I'm sure there are even more issues to be found.

Can anyone else confirm that they are having these problems or not?

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