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    • April 02, 2019, 11:16:13 am
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So sharing my worksheet here, (I'm posting it in a few other places too in case you don't pay the sub). I made this to accompany the book. I don't have a scan of the book at this stage, but when I do I'll add it here too. I made it for afterschool for the 4th graders. Their level is still relatively low, but they are quite enthusiastic. I play to spend a lesson just going over vocabulary, but with the intention to have them work with me by using dictionaries to find the correct translations. They do know some of the words already, but some of the bigger ones they don't.
The book is short, really easy to read, and has some beautiful pictures that illustrate the sentences perfectly. There are some larger words, like disguised, guarded, and especially. However I don't think they'll be too difficult if we work on them together.

Adding a PDF and doc. option if you want to edit it.