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Winter Camp Around the world with Disney
« on: January 14, 2021, 03:10:53 pm »
CLICK THE DRIVE LINK FOR PPT'S and STUFF! This post includes the quick lesson plan layout for 5 days and some screenshots of ppts

Day 1: Aladdin - Persia et al. Passport creation, Genie making, and Quiz
Day 2: Hercules - Greece, Olympics, quiz, scavenger hunt, ball toss sentence builder.
Day 3:  - Polynesian Islands, quiz, raft building
Day 4: Emperor's New Groove - Peru, Animal potion making, quiz
Day 5: Coco - Mexico, Dia de Muertos, Sugar Skulls (alternative marigold flowers)

Not quite as detailed as the Harry Potter camp I made before, but might help someone ^^ Some of the info might be a bit advanced, but the way i set it us it was mostly skimmed over. If you have a co-teacher in class they can easily help you explain things. Otherwise the kids and I worked together to translate stuff together using our phones.

We focused mostly on activities and the final quiz for the day. I also had them writing stuff as much as possible. I really wanted to focus on getting them to take notes and practice writing. Instead of workbooks, we got each student a mini "passport" ( a small 8 by 12 cm [?] notebook). I printed a few things to paste in everyday and gave them stamps and stickers where possible (all in the drive folder).

I used a few videos and songs to attach to my PPT's so when downloading everything please make sure you keep the videos and mp3s in the same folder you keep the PPT. Also please make sure you install the fonts as well to keep the layouts correct and working.

Anyhow  enjoy.

(Also: Added BRAVE PPT as well, if you prefer that to another, it focuses on magical animals and such. I ended up not using it, but has mini bow and arrow building as well as a Scottish dance. There is also a template for Mexican paper stars I made that I didn't use, but yeah maybe one of you find a use for it)
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