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    • November 24, 2020, 08:51:20 pm
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Dear to whom it may concern,

I am an ESL/EFL educator with roughly a decade of experience, certification through TESOL MA program, and a TESOL certification. I have taught at Daewon foreign language high school, SNU, Yonsei university, and also corporate teaching for samsung. I have done english camps for elementary and middle school students as well.
My research interests include the use of technology in the teaching and assessment of L2 writing, digital literacy, and the operation of post-secondary school language centers. My diversity in teaching students of various backgrounds, variety of ESL teaching experience and certifications, and educational interests will enable me to be a great asset.
In my ESL teaching practice, I have learned and applied a broad range of instructional strategies and approaches. My students’ learning experiences have been enriched through student-centered lessons maintaining consistently high expectations by highlighting academic language. For example, I leveraged social media to create an online exchange in which undergraduates’ peer-edits term papers to share individual strengths and weaknesses without explicit correction from the instructors to develop strategies to prevent such errors.
I have experience working as a trainer for both medical professionals and conglomerate companies.
I am known to: bring a positive attitude, experience, education, and a goal- oriented mentality, team work, new knowledge and skills.
I have enclosed my resume for your review, some of my competencies include:
•   Differentiated Instruction
•   Student Motivation
•   Classroom Management
•   Multicultural Awareness
•   Whole Group Learning    
•   Teaching a wide-range of subjects from History, Anatomy, Psychology, Health

I believe my unique blend of research, teaching, and teacher training skills would make me an invaluable asset. I am highly confident to motivate learners in every way possible.
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