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Chuncheon Sahmyook Elementary School
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Teaching Positions Available: 1 teacher
Start Date: March 1, 2021
School: Chuncheon Sahmyook Elementary School
Location: Dongmyeon, Chuncheon, Gangwondo
Salary&Benefits: 2.3 million, pension, severance, housing, flight (out of country only)
Vacation: 4 weeks a year(Paid)
Work Hours: 8:40 - 4:40 M-F
Classes per week: 24 (40-minute classes)

 ① Applicants must demonstrate commitment, dedication and a positive approach to teaching.
 ② Applicants must be a citizen of one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, or South Africa. English must be the applicantís first language.
 ③ Applicants must hold a Bachelorís degree from an accredited institution.
    Preference will be given to those with a Bachelor of Arts in Education, 120+hours TESOL/TEFL/Celta certification, a U. S. State Teacherís Certification, or a Canadian Provincial Teacherís Certification.
 ④ Applicantís degree must be notarized and verified by the Korean Consulate.
 ⑤ Applicants must obtain a current Criminal Background Check (FBI/RCMP) with Apostille seal.
 ⑥ Applicants must incur all costs associated with the application process.
Screening Process
Step 1: Required documents for Screening (e-mail to
   - Current resume with a recent photo
   - Personal essay detailing why applicant feels they are qualified for the position
   - 10 minute video that demonstrates the applicantís teaching skills

Step 2: Personal Interview (for applicants who pass Step 1)
 In-depth interviews with the schoolís head teacher and administrations will be scheduled.
 In-country applicants will be invited to interview in person. Out of country applicants
 will be invited to interview on Skype.

Step 3: Required documents (for applicants who pass step 2)
   - Copy of ARC (if residing in Korea)
   - Copy of current valid Passport
   - Physical Health Test Certificate for hiring (including drug screening test)
   - Criminal Background Check (FBI/RCMP) with Apostille seal
   - Notarized Degree
   - Sealed Transcript
   - Copy of any Teaching Certificate(s)(TESOL, etc.)
   - Signed form (provided by school) declaring that:
     ① you have not been convicted of a sex crime
     ② you have not been convicted of child abuse
Information about our school and hiring process
Chuncheon Sahmyook is a private elementary school that currently employs 5 native English teachers and 1 Korean English teacher. All eligible applicants are welcome to apply. Qualified and/or experienced teachers will be given preference. It is our managementís sole discretion to decide which applicants are best qualified to teach at our school. Our managementís decisions are confidential and final. For more information, please correspond by email.