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Trollhunters Afterschool (Elementary or Middle school)
« on: November 23, 2020, 12:11:20 pm »
So we watched two episodes of Trollhunters on Netflix for afterschool.
I swiped the first worksheet from: Jean-Baptiste M. on ESL printables. I did however edit it a bit, so I will repost it here.
I then made a second worksheet for episode 2, and finally a follow up worksheet.

The first two worksheets were aimed at trying to get the kids to learn to take notes during a video/film/episode. So we went through each question and answer individually and discussed it and compared to the notes before the kids actually wrote anything. (My kids are rather low level so unfortunately it was more of a holding hand exercise than not, but I think the aim of note taking did come across well, and it did become a good discussion class in the end, not to mention exposing the kids to English visual media, it was better than just putting a movie on for fun).

Anyways, the first worksheet does not have any Korean, the second does (there are two versions, I'll add both).
Maybe you can make use of it.

*Just a disclaimer, if you plan to have your kids work on this alone, it might be better suited to Middle School level.

I made a page to take notes on as well just for visual consistency, but you don't need that.