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I am Peter. And I am an american on an E-2 visa currently  in Korea. Looking for new employment starting in January 2021. Would prefer elementary to middle school students.

Resume and other documents available upon request. Please PM me if you have any job opportunities.

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Re: American(M) (E2 visa) looking for employment starting in January 2021
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We are a language institute in Songdo, Incheon. Our target classes are preschoolers aged 5 to 7,

and will be expanded to elementary courses afterwards.

If you are interested, please send me an email.

E-mail :


I'll tell you briefly about our basic conditions.

For more information, I would like to talk to you through my personal email.

1. Position: English teacher (Kinder: 5~7 years old)

2. Employment Type: Full-time (Mon~Fri)
 - No work on Saturday or red days

3. Working Hour : 9:30am ~ 5:30pm

4. Location: Songdo, Incheon, South Korea

5. Essential Conditions
- A native speaker of English
- Graduated University
- Visa (E2 / F4 / F6)
- Should be no criminal record
- Preferential treatment for experienced workers
- Preferential treatment of Korean residents

6. Required documents:
- Resume / Photo

7. We offer
- Salary : 2.4 ~ (Million Won / Negotiable)
- Benefit : Severance Pay, Health Insurance (50%), National Pension (50%)
                  Housing (It also offers a variety of other benefits)

Re: American(M) (E2 visa) looking for employment starting in January 2021
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I have many many positions coming up in Seoul.   Please email me at 

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Re: American(M) (E2 visa) looking for employment starting in January 2021
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 We are a small Family-owned English Academy Looking for an English teacher (Yanggu-gun)

Pay: 2M

Location: Yanggu, Gangwon-do

Start Date: Mid January

Working hours: Weekdays 11am-7pm
- Most classes are 1 on 1 free talking giving you more freedom and less stress of teaching full classes. Actual work hours are from 2pm to 7pm, academy preparation can be done at home (3hours)!

-Fully furnished single housing
-Airfare to Korea,
-Medical insurance,
-Severance pay and
-10 days paid holiday

Instagram: catch_english
Phone number: 010-6686-9604

Contact if you have any questions!

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Re: American(M) (E2 visa) looking for employment starting in January 2021
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Dired Hire

We are a newly open private kindergarten located in Gwacheon. (It’s a city right next to Seocho/Gangnam. 13 mins by walk from Gwacheon station line 4 / 10 mins from Sadang and 30 mins from Yongsan by subway)

We use a two-story house with a garden and have a forest exploration/gardening program (once a week) and half of Fridays are booked for cultural activities.

We’d like to hire a qualified Native English teachers who are;

•   motivated, creative, proactive and, most of all, loves children and nature
•   now residing in Korea with valid English teaching visa (E2/ F4/ F6)
•   min. 1 yr experience in teaching; and
•   who can work from next Feb/Mar.

Working Hours: 9.00am - 17.30pm

Starting date: Feb/Mar 2020 (Start earlier if you wish)
Conditions and Benefits:
•   Salary: 2.5-2.9 (after housing allowance) or 2.2-2.5m (if housing is needed)
•   Severance pay, Health Insurance 50%, National pension 50%, housing allowance (KRW 500,000)
•   Other incentives for completing the academic year and renewing the contract
•   Paid leaves: Standard national holidays off, 2 sick days and a summer/winter break (1 week respectively)
•   Class size: 10-12 per class
•   Teaching English, Arts and STEM (making, DIY, science experiments) based on textbooks/ Forest exploration/gardening with kids for a half day a week (non-textbook class. Teachers need to be creative and motivated to make up contents)   

Please send your CV and cover letter to, if interested.

CV must include belows:
-  Work Experiences, certification and training, volunteering experience, education (major), hobby, nationality, visa type, date you can start work, current salary, contact phone no/email, photo
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