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Gyeongnam / Chungnam & Alternatives
« on: October 06, 2020, 05:13:10 pm »
Iíve taught Korean PS for years.

I left Korea at the end of last year, but Iím back and studying Korean for the time being. However, I miss teaching a lot more than I expected and would like to get back into it. I really just needed a break.

Iím thinking about applying for a teaching job next spring. The problem is that I currently have a 3 bedroom apartment with a lot of furniture and appliances. I must have spent close to 10 million KRW on my furniture this summer, and obviously Iím not prepared to lose millions throwing it away or trying to sell it (which isnít as easy as it sounds). Basically, I need to know where Iím going before orientation so that I can contact the school in advance and arrange my own accommodation. My two prior jobs allowed me to do this, but one program is dead and the other is only hiring through EPIK in the spring.

Iím interested in Gyeongnam because I used to work there, although not directly through the GOE. Itís a very nice province. However, Iíve heard a lot of negative things about the GOE, and at the one GOE conference I had to attend, a director said some very insulting things about English teachers. But how is the GOE these days? And were you informed of your specific placement in advance?

Iíve never worked in Chungnam. In fact, Iíve only been there to shop for a car. Are there a lot of rural placements? And again, how is the education office, and do you get the specific details of your placement before orientation?

If these two options donít work, are there any alternatives where Iíd be able to learn of my placement in advance? EPIK doesnít tell you until orientation. Rural is fine (in fact, preferable).