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Low Level Vocational High School Lesson Ideas
« on: May 19, 2011, 11:24:13 am »
Hi everyone,

I'm just in need of some specific lesson and game ideas for vocational high school students - perhaps this could even turn in to a thread where we could all swap lesson plan ideas - I know there are quite a few  vocation HS teachers hiding out there!

The case with my school is they are very low ability and simply don't care - I've been trying to use this to my advantage as I don't have to teach from a text book so I've been doing lots of crazy lessons that they find a bit more interesting. My main priority is getting them engaged, and 2nd priority is learning English.

It's so far been going pretty well but I'm worried I'm going to start running out of ideas soon - so hopefully we can club together and help each other out.

To get the ball rolling here are some brief descriptions of lesson ideas (or they could be used as games) that have worked well for me so far:-

1. youtube video and activity sheet- e.g. Mr Bean at the restaurant followed by an activity sheet with some simple questions and a wordsearch. I include both answers to the questions in the word search plus additional words.

2. Youtube video and activity sheet, e.g. beatboxing with beardyman. Clip of Beardyman monkey jazz/kitchen recipe followed by an activity sheet with a cryptogram. The students surprisingly can get really involved in lessons like these 2.

I use this website to make the word search and cryptogram puzzle resources -

3. Make a paper airplane. Introduce key words like paper, corner, fold, line etc. Write out simple instructions for them to follow. Get them to make their own plane and after a while draw a target on the board. Divide the class into 2 teams and have a competition where they throw their plane at the target. This lesson helps with learning numbers as well from the scoring of the game.

4. Draw a picture - You get the students to put a piece of paper on their head, and with a power point show them step by step instructions on creating a drawing. Because the students are following the simple instructions but not looking at their paper the results are usually pretty funny.

5. Graffiti The Teacher - As long as you don't mind making fun of yourself - Print off a picture of your own face (gulp) and using instructions like the above game get them to draw on your face, (on the paper obviously) - e.g. 'Teacher can't see very well so draw some glasses', teachers has lost his razor so now has a beard, draw the beard'.

So here are a few ideas - hopefully there are more of you folks out there and we can all help each other and swap lesson ideas! Looking forward to hearing from y'all!  ;D

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Re: Low Level Vocational High School Lesson Ideas
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I'm in a similar situation. Hot seat, pictionary and give me 5 have been the only things that have worked so far.

Re: Low Level Vocational High School Lesson Ideas
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I good game I've played recently for teching directions is Pacman.

You find a free version on the internet - then let the student have a quick practice. Then the computer screen is turned off and the student faces away from the projector screen and they have to be guided through the game from the teacher or students using up, down, left, right. There are a ton of possibilities with this for team games, competitions etc, and the students rally like it.  :)

Re: Low Level Vocational High School Lesson Ideas
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I posted these on other threads before, but I will post them again here.

Free puzzle maker -

I use these often after lessons or for extra free time. I give one per group, my class is divided into groups of three, and then they try to work on it together. There are a wide variety of puzzles there.

Sudoku maker -

I use these sometimes as after school fillers or I did an ordinal lesson and had this as a game. It is not fully related, but it is better than them sitting there and doing nothing.

Where is Waldo type games

*see attached file* They have to circle/color the objects in the pictures. You can either use them with related vocabulary or just for free time. I use them with after school lessons. They range from simple to complex.

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Re: Low Level Vocational High School Lesson Ideas
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I teach a lot of low level high school kids as well.  I agree that the main thing is to keep them engaged and the second is learning English.  Try this website.  Some of the worksheet activities are really helpful for getting gets to speak English.