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Has anyone ever heard of Neptune Language schools?
« on: August 17, 2020, 11:00:54 pm »
I've received the following email below. Looks interesting but are they legit? Has anyone ever worked for this company or even heard anything about it?   Any reviews?

I have searched the internet for information on them but not luck. :undecided:


Neptune and associated language schools are finally re-opening in September of 2020 and doing
what matters to us the most: Providing English language education to students around the world.
We need English teachers for several locations in Europe as well as the Caribbean.  Please find
more details and the application deadlines on our website. The available start dates are as follows:

November 2020 / March 2021 / July 2021 / 6 and 12 months teaching contracts available

Best Regards,

Neptune Language Schools