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Pacific Survival Summer Camp
« on: August 19, 2020, 08:50:18 am »
I'm quite proud of this one.
We had a three day Summer Camp focusing on Central America, Pacific Islands, and Australia.

The camp starts off with a plane crash in a rain forest, where we meet the Maya and Aztec.
From there we escape to a Pacific island (none in particular) where we learn about war dances, totems, and the like, breaking codes and playing a bunch of word games,
We then leave but are captured by Blackbirders and taken to Australia where we learn about the first people.

I added the lesson plan i had set up, but in the end we deviated a little and spent one day in each area, instead of overlapping as I'd originally planned.

Please install fonts if you want to edit, or if I missed a spot for embedding the text as a picture.  (everything is in the Drive folder).

Also to add there is so much info I may have missed or left out, unfortunately we were pressed for time so I could not go as detailed as I would have liked, however I think that may have worked out for the best. For the Australian section in the it contains a lot of pictures, I mostly just spoke about it instead of writing stuff down. I tried to touch on the pre-colonial past, the atrocities of the colonial, the fight to beat oppression (relevant because of the current BLM movement), and what has improved and what is still an issue today. The thing my co-teacher and students struggled to get was the concept of the dreaming. So I would either leave that out or maybe find a better way to explain it if possible.

The mini notebooks I had them fold in the beginning served as a place to write down vocab, notes, and prompted pieces, about why they chose their design, or whatever. In the end we had them write what they learned and what they enjoyed about the camp. (unfortunately no photos of those because i for got to get any).

For the snack at the end we used Rice Krispies treat (it works better than the No Brand version as it sticks together better, available from coupang or costco), Crunchies (Honeycomb Chocolate from Australia, sometimes available from CU, can replace with malteezers as they are also from Aus), and yellow coloured decorating chocolate (available from daiso or coupang).
To do: Mould the treats around a piece of crunchie, we used two treats each and about a 1.5cm cut piece of crunchie. Cut some green paper to make leaves, place between the two treats, and drizzle yellow chocolate (Chocolate from cacao, Mayan "gold") over it to make it look like a pineapple (a fruit originating from the pacific islands, Hawaii if I'm correct).

Anyway enjoy if you do use this, I built the PPTs and Code breaker from scratch, so try enjoy it ^^
My co-teacher said it was quite fitting for a summer camp as the theme tied in well with summer.

Anyway I'll add some pics too.

the link to my Drive (let me know if it doesn't work):
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