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** JEJU- Nice afternoon school in Seogwipo city
« on: August 15, 2020, 04:10:26 pm »
 < Nice afternoon schools with all standard work conditions >

Nice afternoon school in Jeju city "Korean Hawaii" : Male or female ( but sorry it is for only for teachers living in Korea)
Director is very nice and you can work with other co foreign teachers that helps you work and live much better in the beautiful area.
Location:  Very nice location near famous tour spot & Downtown in Seogwipo City.
The location is very nice location in seogwipo city that is residential place and near Ocean and Nice tourist spot like famous Water falls etc.. ,Homeplus ( like a Wal mart) and Restaurants and hospitals etc. It has been in operation for almost 6 years. Weve placed a lot of teachers there and Every teachers have been happy there and all have completed their contracts or resigned for additional years.( Director and people all is very nice and Kind)..
I recommend you very strongly and I am pretty sure you will be happy at school.

Here is work condition you can refer (All is standard conditions)
1. Location: Seogwipo City , Jeju Island
2. Start date:  Aug or Sep or Oct in 2020
3. Number of foreign: 3
4. Teaching targets: mostly Elementary and some middle
5. Class size: 6-12 students in each class
6. Working hours: 1~9pm on Mon~Fri (including teaching preparation time and all breaks time)
7. Monthly salary: 2.3 million KRW
8. airfare
9. Housing: Single Studio Apartment ( Very nice one in new building and 2 min away on foot )
10. Other benefits: 50/50 Health insurance, National pension, completion bonus (equivalent to one month's salary)
11. Vacation: 10days and all National holidays

----------------------------------------------- ------------- ---------------------
--------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- --------
Email resume, photo to

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Pilsun Jung( Director)
J.E. Consulting(Website: )
Tel: 82-064-900-4591 ( In Korea)
Cell: 82-010-4579-4591 (In Korea)
Fax: 0303-3442-4591
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Re: ** JEJU- Nice afternoon school in Seogwipo city
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2020, 05:54:39 am »
I taught in Seogwipo for 7 years.

It is great for morning walks or bike rides. Halla mountain and the sea are never more than 10 minutes away. Tangerine orchards litter the backroads of the town. Streams are everywhere! Yeah, touristy waterfalls and the most scenic Olle trail routes are minutes away.

I loved it. But after 7 years even Paradise seems like Groundhog Day.

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Re: ** JEJU- Nice afternoon school in Seogwipo city
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2020, 03:58:29 pm »
If I were to come back to Korea in the future the only locations Id consider would be Jeju or in the south. Tongyeong, Yeosu, Mokpo.

The problem is, when your employer is offering you 10 measly days of holiday per year its an automatic no go. Id love to live in this country but the lack of respect for workers lives is something that needs addressing.
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