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    • July 24, 2020, 09:06:02 pm
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1. The "Show me how you feel?" game. Everyone is standing in a circle and each person shows his or her mood with a gesture and mimicry, while the others try to name the feelings that the person is experiencing at the moment.

2, Exercise "Guess the title". With the help of gestures, facial expressions, etc., but without the help of words, the pupils play the titles of books, films, TV shows, famous people's names, proverbs. The rest of the group guesses what it is about.

3. "Find your sign" game. The teacher asks the participants to stand up and turn their backs to the center of the circle. Next, he sticks cards with different signs on the participants' backs, then they must, without using words, find all the people with the same sign as soon as possible.

4.  "Knock on door" - game. The teacher chooses a volunteer from the group who will have to go outside and knock on the door, and everyone will guess which person is playing, where is he knocking, why and how he feels. The leader tells the volunteer a few tips in private, e.g. the volunteer plays the king's messenger, who comes back frightened to the castle because he has to report a lost battle, he can express his despair by hitting the door with both fists. The other participants are guided by the leader with associations: Who knocked? In what situation was he in? What did he feel? Examples of situations to use in the scenes: A hotel service that wakes up at night because the hotel is on fire, a man who has won the Toto aileron and comes home to tell his family about it, a student who is late for school, a distracted woman who comes home and forgets her key, a small child who is lost.

Enjoy! I have tested those with my pupils in class and it is a lots of fun but also very educative and creative.

Thank you to my friends in Pozycjonowanie for all their help.

Those are wonderful. They remind me a bit of this boardgame called "Touch My Heart"

I think the game is sadly out of print except in Hebrew and Korean. I was only familiar with it because one of my Korean students had an incredibly ancient and beat up version of it in English. I don't remember the exact rules but it was similar to items 1 and 2 from your list. I do recall that it's a simple enough game to make, teach, and use that you can use it in the class (albeit it would require a fair amount of material construction time) and might need to be modded a bit for classroom ESL use.

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    • July 28, 2020, 09:24:37 am
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I have only played the first game with my fourth graders but will make use of the other three. Thank you for sharing!