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Re: Anyone get a VPN for Netflix?
« Reply #40 on: September 16, 2020, 12:49:44 pm »
No, I am paying the extra sales tax.  I have a lot of Skype minutes.   Before it was pretty cheap to get a monthly subscription for a US phone number through Skype, so my relatives could call ME affordably.  My older relatives wanted to be able to call me without dealing with computers and cell phones.  Now, it is a lot more expensive to buy a US cell phone number at least through Skype.  My grandmother has since passed away and more old relatives have smartphones, so it does not so matter as much anyway. 

Ah, I didn't do the monthly subscription or use a phone number so different for me I guess.  Just bought minutes occasionally.  Not expensive to me.  Not sure why Skype had to partner with Daesung though.  Thought FTA killed the need for foreign companies to partner with Korean companies.