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Re: China vows retaliation for Houston consulate closure
« Reply #20 on: July 23, 2020, 06:44:47 pm »
Western countries: "Chinese people keep stealing intellectual property and committing espionage."
China: "That's racist, you can't say that, you're lying!"
Western countries: "We have on-camera proof of you stealing intellectual property and committing espionage. Here, take a look."

Never change, China.

The typical Chinese person, regardless of where they live, are as brainwashed and supplicant as the most dedicated party member serving Xi's every whim.

The vast majority of Chinese emigrants are people who fled China to avoid poverty, famine, death, etc. I can't imagine most of them are fans of the Chinese government.

However there is a new wave of Chinese emigrants who are rich and connected to the CCP. Their families make money in China from their CCP connections, then they send their kids abroad to go to Western universities and buy property. Some of this is to park their money overseas so it can't be seized by the CCP if they ever become persona non grata, but this new wealthy emigrant class also strongly supports the Chinese government. I know that in Australia the CCP actively keeps these people in line and gets them to recruit other Chinese people, I'm not sure about other Western countries though. I don't really know what the long-term plan is of this class of emigrants though other than "buy a bunch of houses." If they refuse to integrate into their host countries they and their children will never be accepted. The first wave of emigrants probably doesn't care because they don't really interact with locals and they think they can just go back to China if they needed to, but their children will probably eventually resent being expected to be tools of the CCP.

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Re: China vows retaliation for Houston consulate closure
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The closing of the Houston consulate was fully justified. It's been under investigation for years. Trump should have pulled the trigger two years ago. Maybe he was too busy trying to get Xi's help.

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Re: China vows retaliation for Houston consulate closure
« Reply #22 on: August 12, 2020, 01:00:35 pm »
Of course all nations spy. What do you think embassies are? Nice places to help out their nationals abroad? My thing was they were burning all this stuff outside in a trash can. Most embassies would have a dual shredder and an incinerator.

Pretty sure the incinerators were already in use for the bodies of untrusted employees.