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Re: Reapply to EPIKin the same city
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If I were you adc821, I'd be contacting Sarah straight away, so she knows about your situation and you'll be in her mind.  You don't need to say anything bad about your school, but you can find how the land lies with regards to moving if it came to that.  She may know of teachers leaving their contracts soon, meaning there could be an opening for you to slide into if your school definitely doesn't want a teacher.  Coordinators generally know what's what jobwise in their area for the coming year.  If you can get in a word before they try advertising, then you're save yourself a load of hassle.  It's a shame how one person (the principal) can spoil things like this, especially after you've been there over two years and the students are comfortable with you and you enjoy it there.

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Re: Reapply to EPIKin the same city
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Thank you for all the information. I was just worried about the process. Because if I need to reapply to stay in the same city then I would need to start getting all the required documents again. But I am in good standing with the teacher and the vice principal just not the new principal (only been working at the school since April) and he doesn't put much importance in English. He has told this to all the English teachers and cut pretty much all funding to the English department (we have like 120,000 or less for the full year).

Burt anyway this has been one of the only problems that I have come across in my 2.5 years of teaching at my school. So thanks for all the helpful information. I'll contact Sarah when my school reaches a decision.

I am sorry your school cut the budget. In that case, you can definitely renew your contract and stay in the city without having to apply again!

You could contact Sarah now just to get a feel of how the process goes, but because you still have half of your current contract left (at least that is what I am assuming because you said you have been there 2.5 years. Sorry if my assumption is wrong!) she might say she won't know how many schools will be available until the renewal season comes up next fall. Your school also might decide to keep the English program going with you. Heck, we don't even have students coming in full-time yet, so who knows what will happen then?!

In any case, to again answer your question, you shouldn't have to apply again to stay here.  ;D