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Contract advice
« on: July 16, 2020, 03:19:01 am »
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Re: Contract advice
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Usually, it can be a bit tricky with a summary of the contract, Chris. 

But if you feel like you have misgivings about it, that generally isn't a good start.

So in summary, you teach 6 classes a day if you are teaching 30 'teaching hour' hours.  So you have a 40/45 minute class and then you get a break in between classes.  As you'll be working 9 hours, 1 of those hours is your lunch break to do as you wish.  So that means you have 8 hours for those 6 classes.  So you'd need to find out how many classes because they could mean you teach 30 actual hours which means more classes obviously.  More classes means more chance of burnout. 

They didn't say any more on the paid leave other than the yearly schedule?  You need a definite amount written in. 

Pension/Medical/Severance: Income tax, Resident tax, Pension, Health Insurance and all other taxes will be deducted at the Korean National rate.

These are good.  BUT, the 'severance' bit is a bit weird.  I'd be very interested to see what the actual clause for severance is in the contract because of something later on....

One way flight seems okay.  I take it that you are reimbursed when you arrive?  Public schools stipulate that if you work for 6 months then you don't have to pay back the ticket.  Most hagwons say a year. 

No paid sick leave is tight.  Not illegal, just tight not to have it.

Housing Situation: The Employer will provide lodging, if necessary, for the Employee’s stay in a lodge for the orientation and training period at a facility provided by the Employer.

The Employer will provide the Employee a single apartment in a safe environment with certain furniture items; Air Conditioner, and bed. However, the Employee needs to pay his/her utilities/maintenance and phone bills. The last utility fee that is not paid by Employee shall be deducted from the last salary.

With providing the furnished apartment, the Employee will sign the Housing Terms and Conditions.

How long is the orientation?  How is it paid?  Is the orientation also the probation period?  So would you stay there temporarily?   :undecided:

Both parties will give at least a written 60-day notice prior to the termination date of the contract.

Your employer has to give you 30 days by law, you don't have to give any. But if you sign with /anymore you have to stick to it.   

The Employer retains the right to terminate the contract immediately if:

The Employee is unable to discharge the responsibilities or meet the conditions such as being late for class on a continuous basis, continuous failure to keep regularly scheduled (3times lateness a month) or class hours and repeated absences from classes without a valid reason (2 times absences a month).

The Employee participates in any type of criminal activity of corruption of public morals which violates the laws of the Republic of South Korea.

The employee fails to keep the manner with students or student’s parents during the work.

The employee doesn’t follow the instruction by the rule of the employer or school without a reason.

Verbal/written warnings?  'Corruption of public morals'?   :laugh:  Instant dismissal of not keeping the manner?  No chance.  Doesn't follow instruction?  No chance.  Again, there has to a formal process to correct these, they seem a bit harsh for instant dismissal. 

The contract term is 29 oct 2020- 28 feb 2022 due to a three month probation.

This is a 16 month contract.  This is the wonkiest bit, especially with regards to your severance.  Probationary periods are more unregulated than other areas of contracts, but should be included in the severance.  So if you finish this contract, you should get severance for 16 months, as you have worked over the one year mark to qualify.  That is why it'd be interesting to see how they word the severance part in the actual contract.

Would be interesting to see what Get my dog would think about the severance/probation period thing.