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Inspirational Songs Lesson
« on: July 09, 2020, 07:46:57 am »
I recently did a bit of a filler lesson for my high schoolers (low to high levels), I do not have a PPT for it because it was largely listening and speaking. I chose a song that is inspiring to me and printed out the lyrics before class so each student could have a copy. At the beginning of class I went over what inspiring and uplifiting mean and told them why my song was inspiring. Then I played the song without them looking at the lyrics so they could just listen to it. After that I gave them the lyrics and had them underline anything they didn't understand as we listened to the song again. After the second time I had them tell me what they didn't understand and explained the complicated phrases in simpler English. They then chose an inspirational song and shared with everyone why it's inspiring or uplifting and their favorite lyric. Most of it was individual work because of Covid-19 regulations but the students seemed to enjoy being able to find their own thing to contribute to the lesson.