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Here are the links to the lessons for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades in the NE 능률 Middle School English book.

Look below to see a picture of the cover of the books.
To access each lesson, click on the lesson name (in blue) and it will direct you to the link. 
Please do not post lesson plans on the bottom of this thread, it makes it harder to find them in the future.
Please remember to check all materials posted for punctuation and spelling errors before posting.

Middle School English 1

[Cover Picture: Orange Girl mountain climbing]
1st Author: 김성곤
Year/edition: 2017.09.08

Lesson 1: Welcome to My World
Lesson 2: Discover Your Culture
Lesson 3: Spend Smart, Save Smart
Lesson 4: The Power of Ideas
Lesson 5: Follow Your Dreams
Lesson 6: The Joy of Art
Lesson 7: Time for Stories
Lesson 8: The Best Way to Win

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Middle School English 2

[Cover Picture: Green Girl mountain climbing]
1st Author: 김성곤
Year/edition: 2018.09.14

Lesson 1: Express Yourself
Lesson 2: Eat Right, Be Happy!
Lesson 3: Understand the World
Lesson 4: Go Green Together
Lesson 5: Give a Helping Hand
Lesson 6: The Best Trip of Your Life
Lesson 7: On My Way to the Future
Lesson 8: Who is Happy?

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Middle School English 3

[Cover Picture: Purple People riding bikes.]
1st Author: 김성곤
Year/edition: 2019.08.06

Lesson 1: A Life Full of Experiences
Lesson 2: Take Care of Yourself
Lesson 3: Always Aware, Always Prepared
Lesson 4:My Roles in Society
Lesson 5: Environmental Innovations
Lesson 6: Take Part in the Economy
Lesson 7: Future Changes through Technology
Lesson 8: Which is the Best Way?

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